Our Story

Our Mission

7even Seas Coffee Co. is a mobile specialty coffee company located in the vibrant city of Venice Beach, California. Our mission is centered around providing an exceptional and timeless coffee experience for all. 
Every interaction, from the moment our customers approach our café to the moment they depart, is focused on creating a positive and enriching experience. At the core of our business lie the values of Hospitality, Innovation, Inclusion, and Integrity. These principles guide our actions and decisions, ensuring that we consistently deliver remarkable service and unparalleled coffee.
 We are committed to remaining at the forefront of the coffee industry, constantly seeking innovation and refinement to keep our offerings current and compelling. Our team strives to foster an environment of inclusivity, where everyone feels welcome and valued. Additionally, we maintain the highest standards of integrity, conducting our business with transparency and honesty. Here at 7even Seas, we are dedicated to the art and craft of coffee, continuously honing our skills and knowledge to deliver an everlasting coffee experience.

Who makes up 7even seas

At the core 7even seas is Ahmad Taylor A.K.A Taylor and Martha Cano they work tirelessly to make 7even Seas the best it can be! 

Ahmad Taylor

CEO & President/Owner

Taylor has been in coffee for over 8 years and he’s done everything from coffee roasting to coffee education and training. So there was little surprise when he created 7even Seas Coffee Co. Taylor decided to combine his passion for coffee with his creativity as a photographer and graphic designer to build a coffee brand that focuses on making the highest quality coffee both delicious and convenient. Taylor is currently 7even Seas acting CEO and President and looks to continue his career in coffee for years to come.

Martha Cano


Meet Martha Cano, the remarkable Owner and Food Program Director of 7even Seas Coffee Co. With over a decade of experience in the food and hospitality industry, Martha’s expertise and knowledge are unparalleled. At 7even Seas, we deeply appreciate Martha’s unwavering passion for food and her dedication to providing excellent service. In her free time, Martha finds joy in reading, cherishing moments spent with her family and adorable puppy, and actively engaging in community work. Hailing originally from Pasadena, Martha now resides in the vibrant South Bay, infusing our coffee shop with her rich background and expertise.